Instructions to setup MyPhoneData softwares on Windows

Foremost, you can get the iPhone data recovery software of your choice by visiting the iPhone data recovery products page

Please select from the following steps:-
  1. Double click on the executable (.exe) installer file to bring up the installer dialog
  2. Run through the installer steps with default options selected

  1. Run the software (if not running already)
  2. Copy the Software Id, as it shows up on the software. To avoid manual errors, simply click on the 'Copy Software Id' button.
  3. Clicking on the 'Copy Software Id' button will copy the Software Id to clipboard.

  4. Open the registration link as sent by the sales team to your email address
  5. Paste/ Enter the Software Id on the registration page and click on the 'Generate Serial Key' button

  6. The system will generate the Serial Key for you. Click on the 'Copy Serial Key' button to copy the Serial Key to clipboard

  7. Paste/ Enter the Serial Key in the software
  8. Enter your email address
  9. Click on the Register button in the software

Data Recovery

  1. Select the backup from the dropdown - it will list all the available backups present on the computer
  2. Select a folder location on your computer where you wish to recover the data
  3. Click on the Recover button

  4. The software will show recovery progress. Depending on the amount of data, it might take a few minutes for the recovery process to complete
  5. Upon recovery, the software will show a message stating the same. To view the data, click on the 'Open recovered data' button

Upgrade(optional - only if you buy the upgrade package)

Simply click on the Upgrade link as shown to you in the software to buy the Total Saver upgrade package

Upgrading to Total Saver unlocks the complete potential for data recovery from your iPhone's backup. After upgrading, you will be able to extract and recover not just text-messages or photos, but videos, camera-roll, notes, contacts, call history voice memos and reminders as well.
  1. Copy the Software Id from the software (Text Saver) and open the upgrade license link shown to you after the purchase and sent to you in an email from our sales team. This will copy the Software Id to clipboard
  2. Enter/Paste the Software Id on the upgrade key page and click on the Generate License button

  3. Copy the generated key and enter it with your email address in the Text Saver software
  4. Click on the Upgrade button to upgrade the software