Contacts Saver Recovery Services

Contacts help you connect to people and your friends, and thus comprise for the most crucial of data on your iPhone. With Contacts Saver service for Encrypted backups, you get back all your contacts in CSV and vCard formats so that you can easily archive, save and transfer iPhone contacts to your computer and then to the phone of your choice using other means. In this service, we attempt to extract and recover contacts from your iPhone's backup, which was encrypted using a password.
In this service, we request users to download and run our 'Secure Data Uploader', which creates an encrypted zip file. The zip file then needs to be emailed back to us with the encryption password that you would have set for your iPhone's backup. Our engineers would then try to recover your contacts from the data sent in the zip file.

System Requirements

The system requirements for Contacts Saver Recovery Services are as follows
  • Operating System: Mac, Windows
  • JRE 1.6 + (Java Runtime Environment)
  • Administrative privileges to install and run the software (if running on Windows)
  • Minimum 10Mb of available free space on hard drive to install the product
  • Minimum 256Mb of RAM
  • An Encrypted backup of your iPhone running on iOS7, iOS6, iOS5 or iOS4 created by the iTunes software
  • This software product has been built ground up to work out of the box for Mac and for Windows.

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