WhatsApp Extractor for iPhone

Recover WhatsApp Chat, Messages, Photos, Videos and Contacts

  • Completely supports recovery from the latest iOS10 New
  • Latest version of WhatsApp supported
  • Keeps the device data safe with zero chance of data loss from the device
  • Unlimited Email support
  • Online documentation, Lifetime upgrades to service packs

Recover WhatsApp Messages, Group Conversations, Photos, Videos, Audio Notes and Location

A complete and easy to use WhatsApp recovery software

WhatsApp Extractor for iPhone whatsapp recovery lets you easily extract and recover Whatsapp messages, photos, videos, audio notes, location and contacts from your iPhone's backup. It is functionally sophisticated, yet really simple to use. Simply select your iPhone's backup, a folder to extract the data to and hit recover.

Recover WhatsApp Messages and Chat Conversations

The WhatsApp Extractor extracts and recovers WhatsApp Conversations and Messages in HTML format, to make it easier for you to read and print them. Additionally, it groups those conversations by your contacts and individuals so that you get the same streamlined experience of using WhatsApp

Extract, Backup and Recover WhatsApp messages in HTML formats
WhatsApp messages are groups together by contacts and individuals
Each message carries date and time information

Recover WhatsApp Photos

Extract, Backup and Recover WhatsApp Photos which were either sent or received through individual or group conversations. Photos include user profile icons and profile thumbnails so you don't have to worry about loosing any of it. Besides, the WhatsApp Extractor software fully supports all versions of WhatsApp and iOS10 for iPhone, so be it photos from any of your iPhone's backup - the software will recover them for you; even from the latest iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Recover WhatsApp Videos

Recover WhatsApp Videos with ease using WhatsApp Extractor for extracting and recovering WhatsApp Videos from your iPhone backups. The software takes care of all videos, be it a short few second video or an entire birthday video; all of them will be swiftly recovered to your computer in a matter of seconds. A live update on the number of media items recovered is also shown while they are being inspected for and recovered by the software

Recover iPhone WhatsApp Contacts

WhatsApp contacts are the key to all conversations and loosing them could be a cause of concern. We therefore designed WhatsApp Extractor to let you extract and recover WhatsApp contacts with ease from your iPhone backups. Recover WhatsApp Contacts in multiple formats so as to transfer, copy or simply backup important ones; all of it in a single click of the mouse button. The contacts are recovered in standard formats so that you can easily read or move them around to different phones if you wish to.

Contacts are recovered in

vCard (.vcf) format
CSV format


Recover WhatsApp Audio Notes and Group Conversations

Recover WhatsApp Audio Notes and all Group Conversations including WhatsApp group names, group icons and current group status using WhatsApp Extractor. The audio notes are short voice messages which are exchanged using the WhatsApp communication and could hold important pieces of information and data. The software therefore recovers every bit of the voice note in standard .aac format with lossless methods.

All recovered WhatsApp group chats are threaded with date, time and contact details pusblished. Group chats include the group name, status and group icon, if any, while the iPhone was backed up. Group conversation recovery includes recovery of shared locations, images, videos and audio notes which too are extracted along with text communication.


Copy and Transfer WhatsApp data to computer

WhatsApp Extractor lets your transfer and copy WhatsApp Photos, Videos, Audio Notes, Locations, Chats and Contacts over to your Mac or Windows computer. The format of data is restored from that of the original, so you don't have to worry about compatibility of viewing the data on your computer.

Copy and Transfer WhatsApp Videos
Copy and Transfer WhatsApp Photos, Images and profile pictures
Copy and Transfer WhatsApp Audio notes
Recover, Copy and Transfer WhatsApp Contacts
Copy,Transfer and Print WhatsApp Chat conversations and messages


Preview WhatsApp recovery statistics

The strong statistical engine within the software powers the complete backup summary quickly so that you get to know what and how much of the data can be found, extracted, recovered and archived.

  • Selecting a backup quickly lists the Device name, Firmware version, IMEI, Date and Status
  • Statistical data is analyzed, collected and shown within a matter of seconds
  • Users can choose to recover from multiple backups, one at a time
  • Flexibity to select the destination folder of choice
  • Completion of extraction and recovery alerts with a message

Data recovery in 3 easy steps

While designing these softwares, our priority was to make iOS recovery easy and swift. We therefore came up with a minimal user interaction 3-step model. All you have to do is to select a backup. The recoverable contents within will auto-populate the software space which can be viewed and our promised '1-click' of the 'Recover' button does it all. Its as simple as it gets - no unnecessary trumps and whistle, just an easy recovery software for your iPhone, iPad or iPod data.

Unlimited Support, Documentation and Upgrades

With each license of the software, you get unlimited email support, access to online documentation and free service pack upgrades for the software version you purchase.

  • Our support team guarantees a response within 24 business hours to any of your queries related to the software, its workings or problems that you might be facing with installation or usage of the software on your computer.
  • All the softwares come with an up-to-date online software instructions manual which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime you wish. The manuals are revised and updated periodically so as to keep you informed.
  • Each software comes with unlimited service pack version upgrades and unlimited minor upgrades which might include minor bug fixes, performance enhancements and support for the latest iOS service packs.
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    • 1 lifetime, unlimited usage software license
    • Recovery for 1 iOS Device
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    • Complete Recovery
    • Online software instructions manual
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    • 1 year unlimited email support
    • Free upgrades to all service packs
    • 1 lifetime, unlimited usage software license
    • Recovery for Unlimited iOS Devices
    • Scan and recover from backups of multiple devices
    • Complete Recovery
    • Online software instructions manual
    • Preview Recovery Statistics
    • 1 year unlimited email support
    • Free upgrades to all service packs
    • Free remote assistance session for software setup
    • For commercial use

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Mac, Windows
  • JRE 1.6 + (Java Runtime Environment)
  • Administrative privileges to install and run the software (if running on Windows)
  • Minimum 10Mb of available free space on hard drive to install the product
  • Minimum 256Mb of RAM
  • An unencrypted backup of your iPhone running on iOS6, iOS7, iOS8, iOS9 or iOS10 created by the iTunes software
  • This software product has been built ground up to work out of the box for Mac and for Windows.