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iTunes Encryption Password

Apple provides a way for you to secure your iPhone’s data by encrypting all the information that ever leaves your device over the sync period. This security measure is enforced by a password which users need to enter into iTunes while choosing to secure the information stored in their iOS device – iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Read more

Total Saver Pro

How to Unencrypt iPhone Backup and Recover Data

Did you ever loose or damaged your iPhone and got worried about how would you be able to unencrypt iPhone backup and recover data from within? If so, then you should give Total Saver Pro a quick try. It will not only help you to recover your iPhone’s data from its backup but will also allow you to extract, archive, print, copy and save iPhone’s data to the computer. Read more

Recover from encrypted iTunes backup

There are times when you accidentally delete some data off your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. And then it becomes really difficult to have the data back. Though there are iPhone Backup Recovery softwares, but what if you happen to have encrypted your iPhone’s backup with a password set on iTunes? To recover from encrypted iTunes backup you would need Total Saver Pro, which is the World’s 1st and the only software with the ability to recover data from encrypted iPhone, iPad and iPod touch backups. The best part – it is available both of Mac and Windows. Read more

Decrypt iTunes backup

Intentionally, or unintentionally you might have checked the ‘Encrypt backup’ option on iTunes while backing up your iPhone. This, though secures the data that you have backed up on your computer, it also poses to be an issue when it comes to recovering data from encrypted iPhone backups created by iTunes. There was no way to Decrypt iTunes backup until now, but there is now a software which can do that. Read more

Encrypted iPhone Backup Extractor for Mac and Windows

Until now, recovering data from an encrypted iPhone, iPad or iPod touch backup, created via iTunes was not just difficult, it was impossible! Not anymore. Total Saver Pro is the World’s 1st Encrypted iPhone Backup Extractor for Mac and Windows which helps users recover deleted or lost data from both, unencrypted and encrypted iTunes backups. Read more