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Recover Deleted iPhone Photos

How to Recover Deleted iPhone Photos

Are you worried about iPhone photos which were accidentally deleted off your iPhone, and want them back desperately? Well then stop worrying about it as recovery is just a click away. With the help of a right technique and method you can easily recover deleted iPhone photos from its backup. Read more

Total Saver Pro

How to Unencrypt iPhone Backup and Recover Data

Did you ever loose or damaged your iPhone and got worried about how would you be able to unencrypt iPhone backup and recover data from within? If so, then you should give Total Saver Pro a quick try. It will not only help you to recover your iPhone’s data from its backup but will also allow you to extract, archive, print, copy and save iPhone’s data to the computer. Read more


How to Backup WhatsApp Messages and Data

If you wish to backup WhatsApp messages and data on your computer, then WhatsApp Extractor for iPhone turns out to be a very useful backup recovery application. It can help you easily transfer your WhatsApp data from your iPhone to your computer be it either on Mac or on Windows. Read more


Create iTunes backup

To keep ones iPhone’s data safe and secure it is very important that one should regularly create iTunes backup. If you follow the proper process to create iTunes backup, not only will you be able to transfer all the data from one iPhone to another in a fraction of seconds but can also archive, extract and recover iPhone data whenever required. Read more

Recover SMS from iPhone using Text Saver

Recover Lost and Deleted iPhone Text Messages with Text Saver

This tutorial will demonstrates you a few simple steps that will help the iPhone users to recover lost and deleted iPhone text messages by using the Text Saver backup recovery software.
Read more


WhatsApp Message Recovery – Recover iPhone WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp has emerged as one of the most powerful and dynamic messaging applications. It is undoubtedly, also the most popular application which not only allows users to exchange just messages but other multimedia files such as photos, videos, audios and locations as well. Given that it is the most powerful messaging application, your phone’s data is not totally secured unless you create a backup of your iPhone on computer. Doing so lets you easily extract and recover WhatsApp data, using a WhatsApp message recovery application. Read more


iPhone Backup Files

At times, there may be a situation when you desperately need to extract and recover the iPhone backup files. In such a case, Total Saver backup recovery software is definitely a recommended option. It not only helps in easy and quick recovery of iPhone’s data but it also helps the iPhone users to archive, save, transfer and copy their iPhone’s data onto one’s computer. Read more

recover lost iPhone contacts

How to Recover Lost iPhone Contacts

Total Saver acts like a life saver when important contacts from your iPhone get accidentally wiped off. It is an iPhone backup recovery software, which can be used to extract and recover lost iPhone contacts and other data from your iPhone’s backup. Read more

Recover Data from Corrupt iPhone Backup

iPhone users at times, come across this situation when they are trying to recover data from corrupt iPhone backup. Many a times, while creating an iTunes backup or during the iOS upgrade the backup gets corrupted. Read more