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Recover iPhone Photos

Recover iPhone Photos from iTunes backup

Photos are a great way to capture memories and events for time-spans in our lifetimes which we would want to revisit sometime in extended future. Photos therefore are precious to us and loosing them for any reason would not make us feel nice. In this era, we have moved away from using digital cameras to using our phones to capture photographs. Therefore, we make Photo Saver to help your recover iPhone photos from iTunes backup files. Read more

Recover Deleted iPhone Photos

How to Recover Deleted iPhone Photos

Are you worried about iPhone photos which were accidentally deleted off your iPhone, and want them back desperately? Well then stop worrying about it as recovery is just a click away. With the help of a right technique and method you can easily recover deleted iPhone photos from its backup. Read more

Encrypted iPhone Backup Extractor for Mac and Windows

Until now, recovering data from an encrypted iPhone, iPad or iPod touch backup, created via iTunes was not just difficult, it was impossible! Not anymore. Total Saver Pro is the World’s 1st Encrypted iPhone Backup Extractor for Mac and Windows which helps users recover deleted or lost data from both, unencrypted and encrypted iTunes backups. Read more