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iTunes Encryption Password

Apple provides a way for you to secure your iPhone’s data by encrypting all the information that ever leaves your device over the sync period. This security measure is enforced by a password which users need to enter into iTunes while choosing to secure the information stored in their iOS device – iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Read more


Recover iPhone text messages from iCloud

Once in a while, there comes in a situation where you need to recover iPhone text messages. If you’ve created a backup of your iPhone, you can simply restore from the backup. That however, will result in overwriting your existing data with the one in the restore file.

If you have don’t a iTunes backup, and have backed up to iCloud, things become quite complicated. To help you resolve the same, MyPhoneData has developed the iCloud Data Recovery software for Windows and Mac. It works flawlessly to recover iPhone text messages from iCloud backups. This is how the software works:-

Get iCloud Data Recovery

  1. Install iCloud Data recovery on your computer.
  2. Click on the Recover from iCloud button and login with your Apple username and password. The login is secured and the application does not store or relay your login information.Login to iCloud
  3. Once logged in, the software will automatically list all available iCloud backups.
  4. Select the one you wish to recover the iPhone text messages from and hit the Scan button.
  5. Once scanning completes, simply select a folder on your computer where you wish to recover the data and hit the ‘Recover’ button to initiate the text message (and other data) recovery.iCloud Data Recovery

Get iCloud Data Recovery

Print iPhone text messages

Print iPhone text messages

Text Messages have dominated the communications platform for years, until the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Viber showed up. Even then, many of us still prefer to communicate via text messages and we do send and receive a lot of them almost everyday. Often, you’d have stack-loads of text messages on your iPhone and would want to save and even print a few. In this walk-through, we will learn how to print iPhone text messages. Read more

Download iPhone text messages

Download iPhone Text Messages

It is always a good feeling to scroll through and read messages exchanged between you and your acquaintances, friends and family. However, when you get hundreds of texts every week, it becomes a little difficult to manage the scrolling due to the sheer amount of time it takes to locate the message that you wish to go through again. Sometimes therefore, you would want to backup and save the messages to your computer, for the ease of access. In this walk-through you will learn how to download iPhone text messages to your computer. Read more

Recover iPhone Photos

Recover iPhone Photos from iTunes backup

Photos are a great way to capture memories and events for time-spans in our lifetimes which we would want to revisit sometime in extended future. Photos therefore are precious to us and loosing them for any reason would not make us feel nice. In this era, we have moved away from using digital cameras to using our phones to capture photographs. Therefore, we make Photo Saver to help your recover iPhone photos from iTunes backup files. Read more

Save iPhone text messages

Save iPhone Text Messages

Text Messages are one of the most convenient ways to communicate. Since their inception, the short message service (SMS) a.k.a. text message has revolutionized the way people stay in touch with each other. Textually, people share news, emotions and messages through this service and therefore, it is essential that these precious bits of personal data are stored and backed up. In this tutorial, we will see how to save iPhone Text Messages to a computer. Read more

Recover Deleted iPhone Photos

How to Recover Deleted iPhone Photos

Are you worried about iPhone photos which were accidentally deleted off your iPhone, and want them back desperately? Well then stop worrying about it as recovery is just a click away. With the help of a right technique and method you can easily recover deleted iPhone photos from its backup. Read more

Total Saver Pro

How to Unencrypt iPhone Backup and Recover Data

Did you ever loose or damaged your iPhone and got worried about how would you be able to unencrypt iPhone backup and recover data from within? If so, then you should give Total Saver Pro a quick try. It will not only help you to recover your iPhone’s data from its backup but will also allow you to extract, archive, print, copy and save iPhone’s data to the computer. Read more


How to Backup WhatsApp Messages and Data

If you wish to backup WhatsApp messages and data on your computer, then WhatsApp Extractor for iPhone turns out to be a very useful backup recovery application. It can help you easily transfer your WhatsApp data from your iPhone to your computer be it either on Mac or on Windows. Read more


Create iTunes backup

To keep ones iPhone’s data safe and secure it is very important that one should regularly create iTunes backup. If you follow the proper process to create iTunes backup, not only will you be able to transfer all the data from one iPhone to another in a fraction of seconds but can also archive, extract and recover iPhone data whenever required. Read more